Peter William Lount
"People working together need to coordinate their activities regardless of where and when they are. This need will never go away, not as long as there are people."
- Peter William Lount, 1998
Peter William Lount, OOPSLA 1998, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Shannon river near Whistler, B.C., Canada.
My name is Peter. I am 36 and I have been using the Smalltalk Language and Environment ideas since 1981 when I read the Byte Articles (I also read the Scientific American article in 1979 but the effect was not the same!). I have actively used Smalltalk since 1984 when I obtained a $50.00 copy from Apple for a Macintosh Plus computer. I live in Vancouver, Canada. Come and visit.

I have worked in the USA, as a consultant, a number of times for various clients including JPMorgan on Wall Street, Deluxe Corporation and Fannie Mae. All of these consulting projects were Object Oriented using Smalltalk or NeXTStep/OpenStep. I run the web site. In addition to my Fortune 500 clients I have clients that are from various industries: finance, construction and engineering, web sites, magazines and tax appeals. My current resume is avaliable if you are interested in contracting my consulting services.

At JPMorgan I worked intensively with Dianna Merry-Shapiro who was one of the original Smalltalk-72 team members (we sat back to back in a tiny room on Wall Street). It was a privilage working with her as I learned a lot of important things about Smalltalk and the culture of people who created it. We produced a very successful Smaltalk based analysis system for JPMorgan. I implemented a full drag and drop system in Visual Works Smalltalk 2.x in less than six weeks in 1992!

The Award Winning Gemstone Warrior by Peter W. Lount & Trouba Gossen. We choose Strategic Simulations as our publisher. The game was played by over 500,000 people between 1984-1987. Written in 6502 Assembly Language. Monsters coming at you! The design was influenced by the Byte Smalltalk issue of 1981. This game had Objects! The mosters and other items in the rooms are objects with a primitive method protocol. Download this 8bit game and play it on your 32bit computer! I bet you can't win when the AppleII emulator is running at full processor speed!

I have a strong bent towards need based design (the need for our game is fun)! I am the author of Gemstone Warrior™ and Gemstone Healer™, two successful video games from the 1984 time frame. Gemstone Warrior won an award in 1985 for best hybred game from the CES show. I wrote it entierly in 6502 assembly language for the Apple II and it was ported to the C64, Macintosh and Japanese computers. I didn't like the PC at the time so I missed out on some very good sales... Woops... Live and learn. Download an AppleII emulator (for Win95) (visit the Apple II emulator Resource Guide for other platforms), the Gemstone Warrior Disk, the Gemstone Healer Disk 1 and Disk 2 game diskettes and let me know how you like the games!.

Shannon Water falls near Whistler, B.C., Canada. I have a stong interest and well developed skills in Smalltalk, Assembly Language, Graphics (2D, 3D, 4D-time), Persistence, Object Technology with Fault Tolerant and Full Transaction Processing, Group software, Graphic design, Needs assement, Vision, OOAnalysis, OODesign, OOImplementation and Mentoring people in object technology. I assisted in teaching a OO Course at the British Columbia Institute of Technology with Scott Bleackley. My primary focus in software is Quality ("Zen and the art of motercycle maintenance").

One of my interests is taking photos. The photo of me above is from the 1998 OOPSLA Conference which was held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. See a couple of other photos that I've taken with my cool Sony Mavica Digital Camera:

All the best,

Peter William Lount